Soil Minimum Tillage Systems is organized within the International Conference on Space Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Precision Farming, 6-10 May 2019

Previous editions

8. Soil Minimum Tillage Systems, 25-26 June 2015
7. Soil Minimum Tillage Systems, 2-3 may 2013
6. Soil Minimum Tillage Systems, 27-29 june 2011
5. Soil Minimum Tillage Systems, 18-19 july 2008
4. Systems of Minimum Soil Tillage, 21-22 october 1999
3. Alternatives in Soil Tillage, 9-10 october 1997
2. Soil Tillage – Present and Future, 22-23 june 1995
1. Lucrarile minime ale solului, 17-18 september 1991



On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are honored to invite you to the 9th International Symposium "Soil Minimum Tillage Systems", which will be held from 8nd to 9th of May 2019, an ample opportunity for debate concerning the present and the future of conservative soil tillage systems, for the promotion of the latest achievements in the field of the addressed topic, innovative creativity, developing partnerships with a view to implementing European projects and programs.

The symposium aims to present the latest scientific findings on issues of research, innovation and agro-technical development, displaying rational solutions with practical applicability on agricultural holdings faced with practical situations generated by economic, technical and professional training needs.

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