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Department for Project Management

The Department for Project Management of the USAMV Cluj-Napoca is an organizational structure directly subordinated to the Rector, the purpose of which being to implement and efficiently coordinate the programs funded by the European Commission in the field of research, education, professional training or of the development of the research infrastructure and that of the university.

Programs managed by the DPM (BMP):

  • Operational programs of the Romanian National Plan for Development: POS DRU (The Operational Sectoral Program for the Development of Human Resources), POR (The Regional Operational Program), POS CCE (The Operational Sectoral Program Growth of the Economic Competitiveness), POS DCA (The Operational Sectoral Program The Development of the Administrative Performance), POS Environment (The Environment Operational Sectoral Program),
  • PNDR operational axes (National Program for Rural Development),
  • POP operational axes (Operational Program for Fishing activities),
  • Territorial Co-operation Programs (Cross-border,Transnational and Interregional cooperation );
  • Governmental Programs developed through ICR (the Romanian Cultural Institute), AFM (Environmental Fund Administration – education regarding the environment, quality of the environment), PN II (National Research Program) etc;
  • EC Programs: Culture 2007-2013, Europe for citizens, FP7, EC grants, Lifelong Learning etc.

The objectives of the Department for Project Management

  • to increase the visibility of the USAMV Cluj-Napoca on regional, national and European level;
  • to train and develop the human resource involved in project accomplishment;
  • to initiate, promote and provide counselling regarding the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration in order to accomplish various projects, providing the optimum framework for the participation of the academic community of the university;
  • to support the meeting of the institution performance indicators for the internal self evaluation of the quality with the national ones and the issuance of the documents that are to be submitted to the MEDCT and ARACIS in close collaboration with the other involved offices or departments;
  • to implement the strategy for the development of the university by its participation in the community programs of structural funds targeting education, research, professional training or investment projects regarding the research infrastructure as well as the infrastructure of the university;
  • to inform and provide counselling to the potential promoters and beneficiaries from the projects of the university in regard to the structural funds financed programs.

Functional regulations of the Department for Project Management – office duties

  • administrative (secretary) work, technical and financial support; the DMP is in charge of the preparations, organization, the monitoring and the evaluation of the relevant activities;
  • provides the centralized information regarding the opportunities related to the community programs and to the progress of the projects in the institution, as well as disseminates the information at all levels and through every available communication channels;
  • ensures the operational correspondence with the partners of the institution in regard to the proper progress of the international co-operation projects;
  • periodically reports to the institutional coordinator (the rector of USAMV) or to the vice-rector for academic affairs the stage of all community projects, elaborates the reports of the institution addressed to the relevant forums;
  • being empowered by the institutional coordinator, may represent, without having the right of signature, with the purpose to broaden the international partnerships of the institution;
  • organizes events with informative purpose regarding the Europeans structural programs.

DPM (BMP) Coordinator

Ec. Călin Vac, PhD– project manager
tel.: + 40 264 596384, int. 149 
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.