University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
Since 1869

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The botanical museum

The Botanical Museum shelters a scientific herbarium of 40.000 pages, comprising an impressive collection of drugs extracted from various medicinal plants, large collections of seeds of cultivated and spontaneous flora plants.

The museum tells a real story of the Romanian Botany, written by some of the most prestigious research in the field from Pater Bela – the first director of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the first researcher of the medicinal plants in Romania – to Iuliu Prodan, professor of Plant Science and collaborator to the so far unsurpassed Romanian Flora.

Furthermore, the museum owns old photographs of the teachers who taught this subject, exhibits with dendrological frames and plants from various areas, as well as an extensive bibliographic resource.

Unique casts of various plants, 100 year old herbaria, old manuscripts and written lectures of the teachers who had taught during the years within the Plant science chair preserved in excellent condition, may be admired in the Botanical Museum of the university of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

Visit Schedule

Monday-Friday: 9-13