University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
Since 1869

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University Strategy Council

The University Strategy Council is an advisory body of the Rector's institution, with the purpose of counselling/guiding the latter in taking/preparing the important decisions in regard to the university, such as those related to education, research, infrastructure development and finance management, international relations, etc.

The University Strategy Council ensures, via the suggested strategies, the planing of the future of the university and determines the ways that can support its materialization, in accordance with the mission the university had committed to, the objectives of the university strategic planning and with the Rector's managerial plan.

The University Strategy Council comprises 11 personalities of the academic and economic environment, nominated by the Rector.

Members of the University Strategy Council of USAMV Cluj-Napoca

  1. Assoc prof. Adrian Oros, PhD - Vice rector for institutional development - President   
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  1. Prof.Cornel Cătoi, PhD - Rector- Vicepresident
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  1. Prof.h.c. Martin H. Gerzabek, PhD – Rector, Boku University Viena, Austria
  2. Prof.h.c. Eric Haubruge, PhD – Vice rector University of Liege, Belgium
  3. Prof.h.c. Stefano Grego, PhD – The representative of the Vice rector for international relations,  University of Tuscia-Viterbo, Italy
  4. Eng. Claudiu Necşulescu – President SC Jidvei SRL, Jidvei, Alba county
  5. Eng. Horia Ciorcilă – President of the Board of Trustees of Banca Transilvania
  6. Eng. Ovidiu Turcu – President of the Board of Trustees of SC Dacia Service Cluj-Feleac S.A
  7. Eng. Dan Păucean – General Manager SC ”La Lorraine” SRL România
  8. Eng. Claudiu Coşier – General Manager Agenţia de Dezvoltare Regională Nord-Vest, Cluj-Napoca
  9. Lect.Viorel Andronie, PhD – President of the Romanian College of Veterinarians