University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
Since 1869

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Cultural life

The "Tradiţii" Assembly

The Assembly was founded in 2006 and comprises students of our university as well as of other universities from Cluj. The dance assembly is divided into two groups: a professional group (16 pairs) and a beginners group (8 pairs – only students of USAMV).

The orchestra comprises renowned instrumentalists of Cluj, all of them having graduated specialized higher education institutions.

The "Agronomia" Cultural Association

The student club operates within the university as the place where the legally constituted student organizations and those fields of studies connected to the social student life carry out artistic activities such as: pop, popular, folk, jazz music, the freshmen dance, the amateur photography circle, Ikebana club, etc. The university club functions within the Agronomia campus, 74-76 Motilor Street.

The Pub

With its 180 seats, the "Agronomia" PUB, the only student pub in Cluj-Napoca is to be used by the students and the professors of the universities of Cluj.

The purpose of the Pub, located at 74-76 Motilor Street, is to provide the professors and the students with a relaxing environment where they may interact with each other.